Too faced La Crème color Drenched Lipstick Swatches

We live in a world filled with uncomfortably drying matte lipsticks.



But I took a much-needed break from the discomfort with the Cruelty complimentary Lipsticks by too faced this week, and let me tell ya, it felt gooood.

These lipsticks are smooth and balmy with a unusual color payoff. Normally, when I choose moisture and comfort, the appearance takes a hit, but not this time! even with nasty, cracked lips with dry patches (I have notoriously dry lips, mm yummy), these smooth over the top and make them look a lot better than they did, and I appreciate the heck out of that.

There are 22 stunning shades to choose from, 10 of them being brand-spankin’ new! There are a couple of best nudes, some incredible pinks, and even some sensational darker vamp-y shades. 


เสื้อสเวตเตอร์แมวและแต่งหน้า ??

$ 42


I just have to gush over the packaging for a sec… Ugh, it feels so luxurious! There’s something about a heavily weighted golden lipstick tube that just makes you feel a little bit better about life, and I love to wear these partly for the experience of putting them on.

I doubt that I’m the only one who feels that way, or at least, I hope I’m not the only one who gets that ecstatic about lipstick.


Now, I’m just going to alert you, but beware of the shades with glitter/shimmer in them, and there are quite a few, because this is not a subtle glitter. I’m talking, I felt like I could have been the sixth member of the spice Girls. You may now call me Shimmer Spice.

I’m not saying I hate them. In fact, part of me loves them! just make sure you’re aware that they pack a punch if you plan to buy online. Take a peek at the swatches down below if you want to see what I’m talking about, although it’s not as evident as it is in real life.

“Unicorn Tears” — an iridescent shimmer

“Topless” — an apricot nude
“Sugar Daddy” — a nude rose
“Clueless” — a shimmering cotton candy
“Double Bubble” — a bubble gum pink
“Mean Girls” — a shimmering cool pink
“9021Ohhh” — a candy apple red
“Wham!” — an iridescent raspberry
“Berry Naughty” — a berry white wine (perfect dupe for MAC Rebel)
“Ursula” — a shimmering deep plum
Isn’t that pigmentation amazing!? If you need a break from drying lipsticks, give these a try. comfort and incredible color all in one!

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